We, Lubeco Green Fluids are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of MPI Crack Detection Oils
and Oil Based Powders, Water Based Carrier Oils and Water Based Powders for detecting
cracks in MPI Machines.

Oil Base MPI Powder
Water Base MPI Powder
MPI Crack Detection Oils
MPI Water Based Carrier Oil

Appearance Dosage PH Application Properties
SUPERGOLD POWDER Green Powder 1 gm/Ltr of MPI Oil NA Oil base Crack Detection • Low particle size < 4microns
• Excellent detection of smallest of cracks
• Bright dye for better visibility
SUPERGOLD-WS POWDER Grey Powder 10 gm/Ltr of Water NA Water base Crack Detection • Low particle size < 5microns
• Excellent crack detection
• Bright dye for better visibility
• Good rust prevention
SUPERFLUX-WS Colorless 3% of Water 9.0 Water base Crack Detection
• Colorless nature ensures better crack detection
• Added rust protection in water
• Low concentration for low cost

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