We, Lubeco Green Fluids are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of MPI Crack Detection Oils and Oil Based Powders, Water Based Carrier Oils and Water Based Powders for detecting cracks in MPI Machines.

• Oil Base MPI Powder
• Water Base MPI Powder
• MPI Crack Detection Oils
• MPI Water Based Carrier Oils

Appearance Dosage PH Application Properties
SUPERGOLD POWDER Green Powder 1 gm/Ltr of MPI Oil NA Oil base Crack Detection • Low particle size < 4microns
• Excellent detection of smallest of cracks
• Bright dye for better visibility
SUPERGOLD-WS POWDER Grey Powder 10 gm/Ltr of Water NA Water base Crack Detection • Low particle size < 5microns
• Excellent crack detection
• Bright dye for better visibility
• Good rust prevention
SUPERFLUX-WS Colorless 3% of Water 9.0 Water base Crack Detection
• Colorless nature ensures better crack detection
• Added rust protection in water
• Low concentration for low cost

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