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Variants Application
Fluidmate OS 001 CNC Machines, Washing Machines (Ferrous and Yellow Metals)
Fluidmate OS 002 CNC Machines, Washing Machines (Non Ferrous )
Fluidmate OS 003 ETP, STP, Centralized Coolant Tanks
Parameters Belt Disc Tube(Fluidmate)
Mounting Machine tank Machine tank Machine tank
Power Consumption Need to run for 24 hours Need to run for 24 hours 1 Hour is sufficient
Oil Removal/Hr. (68 cst viscosity) 5 to 10 L/day 10-20 L/day 400L/day
Wastage of Useful Fluid About 2 to 3 L in 10 L 10-20 L/day About 0.02L to 10 L
Portability 1 machine/ tank 1 machine/ tank 1 machine/ 10 tanks
Fluid Performance Enhances by 3 to 5% Enhances by 5 to 7% Enhances by 30%
ETP Cost for Waste Fluid Faster fluid deterioration Faster fluid deterioration Faster fluid deterioration < 25%
Efficiency (for 10 tanks) Fluidmate OS 001 10 nos 10 nos 1 nos
Spares Warranty No warranty on Belt No warranty on Disc 3 months warranty on Tube(mfg defect)
Performance at high temp Not beyond 200°C Not beyond 200°C Tested up to 400°C
Free Accessories No Freebies No Freebies 1 extra tube & 1 stand

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