We, Lubeco Green Fluids are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Paint Strippers, Or Paint Removers is a product designed to remove paint and other finishes and also to clean the underlying surface.

*Chemical paint remover works only on certain types of finishes.

• Acidic Paint Strippers
• Alkaline Paint Strippers

Appearance Density @29°C PH Application Properties
SUPERSTRIP 960 Two Layer Liquid 1.18 9.0 -9.5 Paint Removal • Low evaporation losses
• Very effective on multilayered Latexes as well as Alkyd Paint
• Zero VOC
• Can be used on stone plastic, ceramic metal surfaces
• Water soluble
SUPERSTRIP 908 Colorless Liquid 1.20 2.0-2.5 Paint Removal • Very effective for removal of Epoxy, PU, Acrylics, Phenolic, Vinyl Paints
• Effective & quick removal of even 100+ micron DFT of Powder Coating & Epoxy Paints
• Water can be added to minimize evaporation losses
• Faster penetration to remove film in 4-5 minutes

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