Benefits of Synthetic Gear oil for Industrial gearboxes

Industrial gearboxes require frequent lubrication and maintenance to ensure a smooth performance of the machine and increase its lifetime. Using the right gear oil becomes an important factor to guarantee this and the lubing that will lower wear rates, is suitable to operating temperatures, and provide better energy efficiency. 

This blog will specifically address the advantages of using synthetic lubricants for Industrial gearboxes and its significant relevance in today’s lubricant sector as the popularity of synthetic fluids has been increasing in recent years over mineral oils for the kind of qualities it offers. The demand of synthetic lubricants globally has a big surge and is expected to grow in coming years given the fact that it gives longer service life and greater thermal stability as compared to conventional oils. 

What are Advantages of Using Synthetic Gear Oils for Industrial Gearboxes?

  • Composition of Synthetic Gear Oils is artificial – Synthetic Gear Oils are products made by chemical reactions through the precise application of pressure and temperature to a specific recipe of components. All of the components are high in purity with strong molecular bonds, unlike mineral oils. Due to this specific characteristic, the outcome is pure compound.

  • It provides resistance to oxidation – Mineral oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons, which even after going through intensive solvent-based refining, does not change much as the organic compounds like oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen remain intact in it. These compounds are prone to cause oxidation and acid development, which is not the case with synthetic gear oils as it gives a more unadulterated product.

  • It has uniform molecule size – Synthetic gear oils have a consistent or homogenous composition of molecules. This prevents the oil from jellifying when the temperature is extremely low. Moreover, its specific molecular structure keeps the fluid from thinning-out under heat.

  • It gives a higher traction coefficient – Traction coefficient is the tangential force required to move a load, divided by the load. The coefficient number expresses the ease with which the lubricant film is sheared. A higher coefficient means that the synthetic lubricant needs less force to move the loads, hence becoming a more energy efficient lubricant.

  • Synthetic gear oils have longer durability – These lubricants have lower friction coefficient in a gearbox, better film strength and higher viscosity index. This means the viscosity does not change that frequently with change in temperature. This indicates synthetic lubricants can be used at lower viscosity grades as well as cooler temperatures.

    So when this happens, the gap between the lifetime of minerals and synthetics significantly increases. It does not become thick when exposed to hotter temperatures. The chemical stability of synthetic gear oils makes it more durable. 

  • Synthetic gear oils have a lower tendency of forming residues – As compared to mineral oils, that tend to generate sludge or residue more easily, synthetic oils do not produce such remnants.

  • It has high flash point – Synthetic oils have high flash points as a class, and it ensures less inflammability when exposed to hotter temperature set ups. When operating equipment is functional at such degrees, it is important to use synthetic oils that are less risky and a safer option. 


Although this write up suggests the benefits of using synthetic lubricants, you should consider some of its limitations like expensiveness and the fact that ester-type synthetics do not perform well in the presence of water and can decompose or break down. However, given the escalating use of synthetic oils and the multiple benefits it provides over conventional oils, you can surely go for it and check out how it works for the lubrication of the industrial gearboxes. You can find a plethora of options available on Lubeco as well when it comes to synthetic gear oils. To know more about the products, visit the website and contact us in case of any inquiry.