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Paint Strippers

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A Paint Stripper is a chemical product which has been designed to remove paint, finishes, and coatings, while also cleaning the underlying surface.

There are mainly two types of strippers which are generally utilized, which are, Caustic and Solvent Based Paint Strippers.

Lubeco Green Fluids’ Paint Strippers do not merely remove unwanted paint from surfaces but also clean it to maintain excellent functioning and operation of your equipment and machinery

Paint Stripper
ProductAppearanceApplication Properties
SUPERSTRIP 908Two Layer LiquidPaint Removal, Acidic• Very effective for removal of Epoxy, PU, Acrylics, Phenolic, Vinyl Paints • Effective & quick removal of even 100+micron DFT of Powder Coating & Epoxy Paints • Water can be added to minimize evaporation losses
• Faster penetration to remove film in 4-5 minutes
SUPERSTRIP 960Brown Clear LiquidPaint Removal, Alkaline• Low evaporation losses
• Very effective on multilayered Latexes as well as Alkyd Paint • Zero VOC • Can be used on stone plastic, ceramic metal surfaces • Water soluble