How to avoid smoke formation while machining with neat cutting oils?

Lubeco’s Supercool Neat X series serves as a good example of high-performance neat-cutting oils to reduce smoke emissions during the machining process. These fluids are mineral oil-free and based on synthetic technology. 

Usually, machining operations at high temperatures can lead to smoke and mist formation in mineral oil-based neat oils. The settling of mist on the factory floor makes it slippery making it hazardous for workers. Inhaling this mist can cause irritation in the lungs, resulting in coughing and suffocation. Coming in contact with mineral-based oils can also lead to skin rash or burns as well. Moreover, mists can create a sticky residue on machines and further lead to higher consumption.

Keeping these restraints in focus, Lubeco has developed special neat-cutting oils that are manufactured with synthetic technology and blended well to be used in multiple machining operations and applications. 

This can be understood well with an example of
Lubeco Supercool Neat 260 X, a pale yellow neat-cutting fluid that can be used on mild steels, stainless steel, brass, and copper materials

Characteristics of Lubeco Supercool Neat 260 X:

  • Mineral oil free and based on synthetic technology  – Mineral oils are generated from natural sources like waxes, oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus, etc. which can affect the service life of the fluid itself. It tends to have higher evaporation levels, especially at high operating temperatures. 

Using a synthetic-based neat cutting fluid can lead to low evaporation rates due to the lack of these contaminants and help in increasing its durability as well. This reduces the overall maintenance cost. Synthetic-based cutting fluids also have a higher cooling rate than mineral-based oils and handle high temperature better. 

Moreover, It tends to
have a more uniform molecular structure since it is made of artificial chemical compounds. It leads to smoother and better lubrication of the machine, reducing power consumption and increasing overall efficiency. 

  • With High Flashpoints above 200 Degrees Celsius – Having a high flash point is beneficial in extreme temperature applications. This reduced inflammability makes these neat cutting oils the best choice in industries where fire hazards are more obvious.  
  • High Viscosity Index and Excellent Finishing – A higher viscosity index indicates that the oil is more resistant to temperature changes. It affects the flowability of the cutting fluid as it maintains a high flowability rate at low temperatures and does not thin out at high temperatures. It forms a thicker protective film and provides higher protection against wear and tear. 
  • Fine lubrication – It provides excellent lubricity and reduces tool wear due to advanced external pressure and anti-wear additives. 
  • Application – These neat cutting oils can be utilized for Thread rolling, Gear Hobbing, Gear cutting, and Light Broaching. 

A case study of Supercool Neat 260 X conducted with a renowned Indian tractor manufacturer company showcased that it produced low smoke emissions during the machining process and is considered more eco-friendly than a leading product brand in neat oils. 

While applying this fluid in a gear hobbing machine, the competitive product produced burning black chips as compared to Supergen neat 260 X, which gave clear shiny chips. 

Although this fluid doesn’t have a mixture of water, it is incorporated with additives to improve its existing properties. Like all the neat-cutting oils, Lubeco’s neat metal-cutting fluids have a lot of advantages which makes them highly useful in major industrial processes. 

Benefits of applying neat-cutting oils:

  • These fluids elongate the machine’s life by providing better lubrication that helps to reduce frictional heat when the cutting tool impales the metal.


  • It provides a proper surface finish to the workpiece and conserves energy by minimizing the cutting forces. 


  • Moreover, it supports the removal of metal particles and eliminates corrosion of tools involved in fabricating process. These characteristics help in increasing productivity and reducing tooling costs. 


  • These fluids are easy to manage for the user and one does not spend much time maintaining the quality of cutting oils.


Neat metal cutting fluids can be used in the following industries: 


  • Construction and Infrastructure development
  • Heavy Metal Fabrication
  • Automobile
  • Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Aviation 


Subscribing to the high-quality synthetic-based product range of the Lubeco Supercool Neat X series can ensure the prevention of smoke and mist formation due to its environment-friendly and supportive characteristics that ensure the smooth operation of machines. It is capable of catering to various industries and providing a sustainable solution to the machining process altogether.